Semi-Average Joe

A "Human" (Variety) Show

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Semi-Average Joe is Memphis' hidden gem! We at Artist Collective call him "The Modern Day Bard". Once a well-revered profession, a bard was a storytelling singer/songwriter that would travel pub to pub, town square and so on, spreading tales from his travels. Joe is exactly that for a modernized audience! Through wit, charm and whimsical sarcasm, he creates a musical atmosphere that immediately fills a room! His aim is to transport an audience from their worries and he does so with amazing song selections, impressive acoustic looping and rewritten, harmonic versions of eclectic favorites. He's highly adaptable and perfect for any situation, just as his nickname implies! 

Combining his eclectic travels and the Memphis influence, Joe has crafted a one of a kind sound! His songlist blurs the lines between genres with loads of Top 40 classics and some unexpected singalong favorites. He is a true professional and the way he romances an evening is something to be admired! 

As always, we at Artist Collective guarantee satisfaction or your money back and we can't wait to chat with you! 

In Great Health, 

Vinnie Hines