Semi-Average Joe

A "Human" (Variety) Show

I've learned to ask for help.

THE TAKE AWAY: I've learned to ask for help.  I've grown because of it.

I've been working with Artist Collective out of Chicago for about a year now.  This is the next step on my journey of growth.  I've learned in the past few years, as I've set out to really focus myself as a performing musician, that things don't happen in a vacuum.  I am not able to succeed on my own.  I'm sure I can, but why?  There's so much more to be gained from collaboration.  Nothing I've done from jump has really been done in isolation, save for the frustrating years of writing songs alone in my bedroom and worrying that no one would ever hear them.  I'm sure I'm not alone here.  Fear of never doing anything with what I love, or the fear that I'll never do what I want with what I love.  I've always worked around music.  I've taught music.  Performed.  Worked in arts non-profits.  I've done a lot, and a lot that I'm proud of, but I've also hung out behind myself afraid I'd never be able to sustain myself as a performer.  I've learned a lot over that past few years about functioning as a full time musician, developing composite forms of income through performance and consulting outlets.  I've been composing a bit.  I'm getting to understand and better grasp professional musicianship.  A lot of that has been due to the people I've asked for help.  Vinnie and Evan at Artist Collective are helping me get organized and build a brand.  Prior to that I spent a year or so working with Andrew Cabigao and Mark Goodman Dynamic Score Records.  Each group or individual I've worked with has taught me something.  Prior to this I had a grand fear of asking for help and I made little progress.  The past few years have taught me to ask.  In turn I've seen growth.  I've also had the opportunity to help some peers.  It's been more than rewarding.

THE TAKE AWAY: I've learned to ask for help.  I've grown because of it.