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Creation as Magic #creativity

I make a lot of music.  I love sound.  I love creation.  The process is magical to me.  It always has been.  I remember being a little kid, banging on my mom's piano (this was quickly rectified with a look and modeling "we play notes and chords" - Thanks Mom).  The thought that I could press down on something and something beautiful or interesting would come out.  I'd open up the piano, it was an old converted player piano, and be amazed at all the strings and pedals.  My father played brass instruments.  We had music all around the house is the point I'm trying to make.  We had opportunity for magic.  My mom and I also spent summers painting together.  So, very early on, I became acquainted with the alchemy of taking something empty, a canvas, or quiet,  wherever the hell I am, and filling it-- better said reorganizing it.  

This continues, and maybe to my detriment.  I still love the process of creating.  I love pressing a series of buttons, or plucking strings, or scraping a piece of metal across concrete, and sound comes out.  Something from nothing still.  I sit down at a computer and plug in a keyboard, or interface, or plug a series of wires together, and something magic happens.  Beauty and space and atmosphere come forth and I am in a new world.  It's a form of escapism.  It's freedom.  It's transcendent.  I don't know exactly what it is, but it's magical.   Nothing compares.  It's heightened when it's done with someone else or for others.  I love to share it.

I've been releasing new stuff as of late, and am starting to collaborate with some new folks... heres a bit of something new...