Semi-Average Joe

A "Human" (Variety) Show


I've fucked up and come back from it...

I have a resume and a few diplomas that I haven't looked at in years.  These are things I collected in an effort to prove my existence to myself.  The effort taught me a lot.  I gathered a lot of stones along the way.  

I found out the stones weren't as valuable as I thought when they were scattered.  My life crashed and burned a few years ago.  I lost it all to addiction... rather, I gave it all away.  I felt like I lost it, but I had systematically done damage in many areas of my life.  Personally, professionally, spiritually. 

Jobless, wifeless, and nearly homeless {I was in a halfway house for recovering alcoholics, addicts, and ex-cons}.  I found myself back at zero.  Actually, a huge luxury.  I had nothing to lose, and time to reevaluate.  


I am a musician...

Music is my language. The one I speak best.  It disappears into the background, but it is the glue of time and experience.  I've been in love with noise and sound since I was a tiny thing {born in mississippi} many years ago.

I like language (not as mush) as music, but maybe I like the music in language.  I like the function of language.  It connects us.  It's how we become you and you become me.