Semi-Average Joe

A "Human" (Variety) Show

Custom Sound Design

I'll help you build the sonic environment for you play, film, or anything that needs a wall of sound.  I can do anything from custom sound cues to full on sound design and custom composition.  I want to help you hear what you want to hear (nice tag line ain't it...I listen to you and translate it into sound). 

Music Composition

Need instrumental music for your project?  Want a certain vibe, but can't find it.  Let's chat and see what we can create.  Often paired with sound design, but not necessarily.  

Custom Songwriting

I write songs.  Sometimes you need help saying "it", I've devoted a lot of time learning how to say "it".  I can help you, you know "say 'it' in a song".

Entertainment for Your Event

I'm a performer by trade.  I stand up or sit down, sing, dance, etc., but most important, help you create that mood for your event, morning or evening.  I play piano, guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, accordion (it's a long list), I sing.  I play 150+ gigs a years, and hold down a handful of music residencies so let me know what you need.  I play anything from patio folk music to keep the party going to build live ambient sets for that perfectly sound designed conversational evening.